The Sideline Bleachers Podcast: Why NBA stars keep calling Dwight Howard a p*ssy (November 19th, 2014)

Along with depressing talk about the current state of the Lakers, we go into one of the strangest trends that several NBA stars have participated in: calling Dwight Howard a ‘p*ssy’. Star players such as…
Kevin Durant:
Lamarcus Aldridge:

We’ll show you why Kobe Bryant is responsible for starting this trend, and why the trend itself is so interesting.

Also, we give credit where credit’s due: we talk about the Lakers road win over the Atlanta Hawks, commenting on the very successful return of Nick Young.

The Sideline Bleachers Podcast: Ray Rice, Goodell, Lakers, FIBA, Dodgers (Sept. 10th, 2014)


After a long hiatus, the TSB podcast is back! We kick off the return by hitting on the biggest headline of the past couple of days, followed by a rundown on what’s going down in LA sports:
– NFL: Ray Rice and Roger Goodell (2:12)
– Lakers and FIBA: Byron Scott, Starting-5, Team USA (10:21)
– Dodgers and Angels (16:10)

The Sideline Bleachers Podcast: The L.A. Sampler Platter (May 28th, 2014)

Since there’s a little bit of everything to talk about in L.A, let’s get to it:

– Giving the Kings their recognition for current playoff success
– Possible candidates to fill the Lakers coaching vacancy
– The Dodgers: what we know and what we can actually see


After the 2014 NBA Draft Lottery, and looking back at the Lakers season…

After the 2014 NBA Draft Lottery, and looking back at the Lakers season...

The Sideline Bleachers Podcast: The Lakers Lose The Right Way (April 2nd, 2014)

Last night, the Lakers lost to the Portland Trailblazers,124-112, bringing them one loss closer to 50. As sad as last night may seem, the (25-49) Lakers did find a magical concept: entertainingly losing.

– How did the Lakers entertainingly lose?
– What should Laker fans be hoping for the rest of the season?
– How the hell is there a ‘right’ way to lose? When is losing ever right?

Before I get excommunicated as a Laker fan, just give the podcast a listen and hear me out.

The Sideline Bleachers Podcast: Who should the Lakers draft? (March 26th, 2014)

As we near the end of a historically-awful season, the Lakers find themselves with a reasonable shot at a top-3 pick. Whatever order the Lakers find themselves in, a huge question remains:

Who should the Lakers choose with their draft pick?

From popular-names, like Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker, to enticing risks, such as Dante Exum and Joel Embiid, we go through some names that the Lakers should seriously consider in the draft.

The Sideline Bleachers Podcast: We Want Phil! Or do we?

With reports that Phil Jackson is headed to work for the New York Knicks as their “President of Basketball Operations,” Laker fans are left in shambles… Or are we?

Could this be a strategic move by Phil to force Jim Buss to make a move? Could this be Jeanie Buss giving a big “F-U” to her brother?
Or is Phil Jackson really headed to the Knicks? Does that mean we’re screwed? Does that leave Laker fans any hope?